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Addiction is a brain disease that, over time, will compel the addict to become single-minded and obsessed with thoughts of obtaining alcohol or drugs in spite of the adverse health risks and consequences to their personal life. This has much to do with the changes in the brain caused by drugs. Alcohol Treatment Centers Bridgeport programs focus on treating addiction as a disease and providing assistance for substance use disorders.

Alcohol Treatment Centers Bridgeport’s goal is to educate individuals on disease management and the causes of addiction. Addiction has been stigmatized in ways that other diseases have not. Research shows that the initial decision on the part of the addict to use drugs is a voluntary one. Later on, some consequences such as health deterioration and unusual behavior start showing up.

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What is Addiction?

The addict’s brain often suffers changes in both structure and function. What scientists have found is that the brain of the addict, specifically those neural transmitters that move dopamine through the cerebrum and the levels of serotonin, has decreased in function and strength. Addicts have difficulty with emotions, memory and motor function due to changes in dopamine levels in the brain.

Studies have shown that addiction is a complex and chronic disease that creates vast amounts of damage to the life of the addict, causing physical, emotional and mental harm. Addiction must have a holistic approach to treatment, and any optimal treatment must see to the various needs of the patient.

Without being able to address and meet the patient’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs, there can be no long-term recovery. This is why many treatment facilities offer complementary therapies and integrated medical approaches for disease abatement. To begin your recovery safely, contact us at (203) 388-1727.

What are the Benefits of Addiction Therapy?

The philosophy of the holistic addiction treatment approach is to blend traditional medical treatment with alternative treatment. In doing so, it differentiates from other courses of treatment from years past, specifically the 12-step philosophy that focuses on willpower.

Using the disease model approach, addiction is categorized as an illness where the sufferer has very little control over the course of the disease as opposed to a willful behavior that he or she engages in. Research in genetics and neurology suggests that there is a genetics factor to alcoholism and drug addiction, wherein the individual actually undergoes neurological changes once drug use has begun.

Addicts are prone to compulsive behavior. There will be persistent and continued use of drugs in spite of harmful consequences. Some common behaviors in individuals struggling with drug abuse are:

  • The individual develops an obsession for the substance of abuse.
  • They continue with this behavior in spite of the consequences.
  • When the user withdraws from drugs, withdrawal symptoms
  • The addict keeps the behavior a secret from their loved ones

Some may experience a blackout while engaging in substance abuse.

At Alcohol Treatment Centers Bridgeport, patients are treated with the care and compassion they deserve. Everyone who wishes to be free from drugs or alcohol abuse should have the opportunity for treatment. A 24/7 helpline assists people with their questions about drug abuse therapy programs and availability.

We work with the public to help them understand finance options and answer any questions pertaining to their insurance carrier. Our goal is to help you in your way to recovery. Call Alcohol Treatment Centers Bridgeport now at(203) 388-1727.

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