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Addiction Treatment and Crime

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Addiction Treatment and Crime

Drug and alcohol addiction are frequently associated with unlawful behavior. It goes beyond the possession of illegal drugs. Addiction treatment has proven to be effective with many addicts. It helps offenders change their habits and beliefs on drug abuse. During addiction treatment, users are taught techniques through different types of therapies, which help them deal with relapse, and effectively go away from a life of substance dependency and delinquency.

Crime and drug addiction are on the rise in our nation. It’s estimated that around 53% of people in jail struggle with substance abuse. Addiction treatments for prisoners include drug and alcohol rehab, as well as, ongoing counseling. Although addiction is an illness, and not a crime, it can lead to unlawful behavior. Users experiencing uncontrollable aggressive behavior should seek professional addiction treatment immediately. Breaking the chemical dependency cycle not only helps build a healthier future for the user and their loved ones, but it also makes the world a safer place.

Almost half of all the arrests each year are due to marijuana-related possession. A man was recently arrested in Bridgeport, CT for possessing nearly 220 pounds of synthetic marijuana and 22 pounds of other drugs.

Drug abuse is commonly associated with crimes which may include:

  • Homicide
  • Rape
  • Burglary
  • Aggravated assault
  • Robbery/theft
  • Motor vehicle offenses with devastating consequences
  • Fire-bombing and hate crimes.

For many individuals in the criminal justice system, stopping imminent crime and re-arrest after release is difficult without undergoing addiction treatment. The battle against crime is easier to fight with the help of prevention and treatment programs designed to treat individuals struggling with drug abuse. It is also important to educate families, loved ones and people, in general, about the potential dangers of an untreated addiction. Call now 203-388-1727 if you would like to attend a comprehensive program to eliminate your substance abuse problem. Many of those on our caring staff are recovering addicts who have made it to the other side.

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