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Alcohol treatment centers use a variety of detoxification techniques and approaches in order to assist those individuals with their goals of alcohol and drug cessation. The use of medication and cognitive-based behavioral therapy can be quite a successful combination. However, there must be in most cases a completed withdrawal or detoxification before treatment can begin.

This is where drug and alcohol detox comes in. It is the goal of detox centers to help the patient have a successful detoxification from drugs or alcohol. Part of that involves being able to ease the symptoms associated with withdrawal.

A successful withdrawal is one where the symptoms are eased in such a way that relapse is prevented. Drug and alcohol rehabs provide continuous care and a customized course of treatment. Call Alcohol Treatment Centers Bridgeport today at (203) 388-1727 and find more about it.

How Does Detox Work with Rehab Treatment?

Alcohol detox is only the first step on the road to recovery. Alcohol detox marks the sudden end to alcohol consumption and is essential in order to cleanse the body from alcohol. This process generally lasts for a week to 10 days.

Throughout this time, patients may experience a variety of symptoms depending on their drinking habits. Symptoms during detox may include headaches or nausea, but could become more serious, leading to delirium tremens (DTs) categorized by seizures and hallucinations. The alcohol detox process varies according to the severity of the symptoms.

After the first period of cleansing ends, the tougher phase of rehab starts. Alcohol detox rids the body of toxins in the substance, but cannot address the healing and teaching that are essential during recovery. Detox also does not eliminate cravings.

Rehab programs can be conducted in residential in-patient facilities as well as outpatient locations. In-patient treatment may take up to 45 days. Outpatient treatment may take longer as patients are not under constant supervision, and are expected to seek help on their own time. Alcohol rehab is designed to deal with the different ways alcohol can become an addiction, as well as the remaining effects of alcohol abuse.

Part of the alcohol and drug detox process is determining the correct course of treatment for the individual and his or her particular health and addiction situation. For example, certain drugs require medical management and assistance in order to safely transition from abuse to sobriety. Alcohol and opiates are two of the most common drugs that require medical intervention during withdrawal.

How We Make Detox More Comfortable

According to NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) the length of withdrawal depends on the drug used. Withdrawal can be treated using medications to alleviate the symptoms. Withdrawal treatment differs from addiction treatment. Withdrawal symptoms can continue for weeks. Symptoms such as constant sweating, tremors, seizures, high blood pressure, fever and even death can occur from the withdrawal process.

We do our best to provide all of our patients with a comfortable and safe space while they go through detox. We understand that patients will have both physical and mental symptoms, both of which must be treated during this time. We offer therapies both medical and holistic to help our patients through this difficult period.

In addition to the standard medical therapies, our alcohol detox centers also offer massage therapy, music therapy, acupuncture, and other alternative alcohol rehab programs to help ease the transition from drug or alcohol use to sobriety. Without this type of vigilant assistance, some patients may experience an immediate relapse.

If you have further questions about alcohol detox or addiction treatment, call Alcohol Treatment Centers Bridgeport through our helpline today at (203) 388-1727.

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