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There have been remarkable improvements in behavioral drug abuse therapies. Noteworthy improvements in the design and approach of these forms of treatment have been made. Some new therapies have emerged from old ones. Among the most popular drug abuse therapy options we find are family therapy, group therapy, nutritional therapy, physical therapy, massage therapy and art therapy.

A variety of other forms of behavioral treatment have also proven to be effective in treating drug addiction. Scientific advancements have helped the methodology of these therapies as well. Drug abuse therapy is combined with medication treatment in order to treat the addiction disorder more effectively.

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Individual Therapy

During individual drug abuse therapy, a personal counselor helps the patient throughout all stages of the program. In the course of the counseling sessions, patients are able to pinpoint and explore personal concerns in a safe and caring setting. Individual therapy works exceptionally well when combined with group therapy.

Group Therapy

Group addiction treatment therapy allows the chance for patients to absorb all the information they were taught throughout the treatment process. Addiction education is fundamental in recovery as it allows patients to learn about the changes they are experiencing during recovery. It helps them learn in depth about how meaningful these changes are in their lives and the lives of their peers. During group therapy, individuals struggling with addiction can give and receive feedback from their peers.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is based on the awareness that the family structure is made of diverse parts, and when one of these parts suffers changes, the whole family goes through it as well. Change of behavior, such as secrets and lies, can influence family dynamics.

Some people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction already have enough turmoil at home and they feel that sharing their struggles will bring even greater turmoil to the family. This type of therapy can help the addict to open up and the family to be able to support the changes involved with addiction treatment.

Physical Therapy

One of the most popular components of physical therapy is exercise. Workouts can be quite useful during addiction treatment. Addiction is a brain disease which can cause changes in the brain. Addicts generally have high levels of dopamine released into their brains.

People with their dopamine system changed often think drugs are the answer to deal with demanding circumstances. Exercise is a great option for substance abuse treatment since it increases dopamine levels in the brain, which may help with mood and feelings of wellness.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a great way to find out about feelings and triggers that lead to the abuse of drugs. Throughout art therapy, patients learn creative ways to express their feelings in a non-traditional way. Some types of art therapy may include drawing, painting, sculpting, music, acting and poetry.

Customized addiction counseling, consisting of individual, group and family therapy sessions, together with holistic therapeutic treatment options, are essential for a successful recovery. Call Alcohol Treatment Centers Bridgeport now to find out more about drug abuse therapy at (203) 388-1727.

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